sunrise As a teacher I’m extremely familiar with the importance of the classroom environment when it comes to  effective teaching and learning, and I have to say that as an adult learner, nothing beats a retreat.

Retreats are intense, jam-packed, deep learning opportunities, highly charge with emotional connections and ideal for grounding content, context and the occasional epiphany deep into your soul.

I am fortunate enough to have just returned from such a retreat on the Sunshine Coast. 9 women from all over Australia, housed together for a whole week, sharing meals, negotiating shower schedules, sleep talking and snoring (guilty and guilty), special dietary requirements, night owls and early risers. Certainly a recipe for potential disaster if not for one critical factor…Creatrix®!

This was an advanced Creatrix® Facilitators Course. Already pretty cleared out of our emotional baggage from previous training retreats and intrasupport, we were learning the finer details of taking Creatrix® beyond 1:1 client processes to the next level of small group breakthroughs. Being so cleared out meant our tolerance levels were sky high, we had a deep understanding of each other’s personality styles and motivations, and we shared a passion for supporting women to break free from their  self-limiting beliefs to become empowered and excited to live their lives to the fullest.

How fitting it was to learn of the potential in running Women’s Breakthrough Transformology Retreats at what was essentially a Women’s Breakthrough Transformology Retreat and then some.

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Intense leaning environments that allow for quiet contemplation, beautiful surrounds, and time-out from your usual routine are particularly powerful and important for women.

I know for myself, prior to Creatrix®, I found it incredibly hard to justify time out for myself. It felt self-indulgent and excessive and at least if it were coupled with the notion of training and self development, with the promise of being a better wife, better mother, better teacher, and a better person general, then I could pursue it guilt free.

So how does a Women’s Breakthrough Retreat differ from every other retreat? Creatrix®. Most retreats consist of massage, meditation, yoga, healthy eating, all elements that have great effects on women but nothing like the deep impact and long lasting results of Creatrix®.

It’s kind of like working on a car that’s a bit old, many kilometers on the meter and a fair bit of wear and tear. A basic service will do it the world of good but it’s nothing like a complete engine overhaul and that’s what Creatrix® does.

Women’s Breakthrough Retreats aren’t about relaxation, they’re about breaking through your blocks and shedding your negativity so that you automatically are more relaxed. They are intensive processes of clearing everything out so that you can start filling yourself with peace and contentment.

So why would you want to do one? This kind of retreat is going to give you a powerful breakthrough with lasting results, support techniques to take home with you, and an action plan immediately implementable from the moment you return home. It’s also an incredible opportunity to make life long friend’s while getting life long learnings. It is the best way to move forward in your life, if a 1:1 process feels too intense and you enjoy a breakthrough that’s coupled with an incredible experience. Nothing really beats a retreat!


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