You can’t just think into action. Telling people to think differently doesn’t actually help them change the way they think. Nor does it breakthrough any limiting beliefs that they might have about what they are wanting to do in life.

This was always my problem. When I was at university, I went through cognitive behaviour therapy and my doctor eventually gave up on treating me through that process. That’s because I knew that rationally what I was feeling wasn’t working for me. I knew that rationally it didn’t make sense. I knew that rationally projecting so far into the future was unhelpful. I knew that thinking that I was not good enough was irrational. I knew all of that! Going through a process of picking apart the thinking of that, didn’t actually provide any deeper insight. It certainly didn’t change the way I thought about those things. It couldn’t because the problem was a complete disconnect between what I knew rationally and what I felt deep within me.

That is the unconscious mind at play and no level of telling the conscious mind to sit down and shut up, get on with it, push through the fear, stop thinking negatively, start thinking positively, and take action, is actually going to get them anywhere. All it does is shame the person into feeling even worse about themselves. Feeling worse because they are already thinking those things! They are already thinking: “what the f*** is wrong with me! Why can’t I do this! I’m a smart, switched on woman, why am I holding myself back?!!!!!”

Creatrix® doesn’t tell you to think differently, it helps you be BE differently in the world. Creatrix® gently releases the unconscious programming the you have inherited from generations of suppression. Where you can’t even consciously grasp the autopilot program from which your body is basically operating.

It removes the unhelpful programming and reconnects the link between what you feel, and what you think, and they are able to operate in unison and not at cross purposes. That is why Creatrix® is so effective. That is why it lasts much longer than any kind of coaching session.

Don’t get me wrong, you get mini-breakthroughs with coaching. I get awesome results with my coaching clients BUT coaching works with your conscious mind. You consciously get up the courage to take action, and then you feel physically sick, and then you’ve got to consciously gear yourself up for the next step, and then you might need to go back to your coach to get the help and encouragement needed to get you across the line again. Although you are making progress, it is slow progress, as you consciously try to reprogram your mind in spite of all of your unconscious programming. It becomes roller-coaster progress as you make leaps forward and then fall back. It takes longer to get to the next level and you are fighting against yourself the whole way. And if your unconscious programming naturally gives up when things get hard….how easy is it to just quit because it FEELS too hard? What if your block is about doing the work that you are coached to do?!!!!

Instead with Creatrix®, you reprogram yourself so that emotion and thought are working together and you are now able to work in total alignment and take action accordingly and that is an empowering place to be. Telling people to think differently doesn’t work, but clearing their blocks so that they can connect to their true self and BE differently in the world…well that is transformational.








Breakthrough Your Limits: Up-level Your Life. 5 Day Luxury Creatrix® Retreat.

Location: Low Head Beach House, 5 Dune place, Low Head, Tasmania 7253

Dates: 7-7-18 to 11-7-18

Limited to only 5 spots.

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