Work With Me

You need someone who can help you sort through it all and pick out the bits that light you up. Someone who can help you map it all into a simple plan so that you can actually start.

1: 1 Coaching

Polish Your Sparkle is a personal coaching provider that focuses on equipping women with the tools required to manage your emotions and enable you to go more fearlessly into your most abundant future.


If you’re ready to release you emotional burden instantly without having to endlessly discuss your problems and traumas, then you need Creatrix®.

Online Course

Six weeks to Confidence, Courage and Certainty.

5 Day Luxury Creatrix® Retreat

Breakthrough your Limits: Up-level your life Creatrix® retreat.

Find Your Diamond

This program consists of 6x 1 hour session program spread out over 3-6 weeks. It not only takes you through understanding your situation and responses but takes you through a process that grows your awareness around how you process events and responses.

Ready to release your emotional burdens?

After undergoing Creatrix®, I cleared out the emotional baggage and blocks that I’d been carrying around my whole life. I was able to instantly release my problems and go on to have the most rewarding, stress free year of my life.

One-On-One Coaching

Together we develop your mindset so that you can relaunch your life with confidence and courage. Never having to justify your choices to yourself or anyone else again.
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