Ready to release your emotional burdens?

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Do you suffer from inner turmoil, negative self-talk and anxiety? Sick of repeating the same old patterns? Sometimes hate how you react to stuff and feel like you’re on a perpetual cycle of self-improvement, striving to be better, only to remain the same?

After undergoing Creatrix®, I cleared out the emotional baggage and blocks that I’d been carrying around my whole life. I was able to instantly release my problems and go on to have the most rewarding, stress free year of my life.

Now a registered facilitator, I’m excited to be able to offer women the same incredible breakthrough using this unique process.

After Creatrix® you will:

  • Feel physically lighter as well as feeling like a burden has been lifted.
  • Raise your level of consciousness, which causes you to make wiser life choices.
  • Gain deep, intuitive Learnings during the process that release past negative emotions
  • Lower your stress levels INSTANTLY.
  • Break dysfunctional and frustrating behavior patterns

We work one on one to identify exactly what your blocks are and release them one at a time, leaving you confident, courageous and ready to relaunch your life, guilt free and with clarity.

Who is Creatrix® for?

  • Women ready to start taking charge of their life
  • Women ready to silence the negative self-talk and mind chatter
  • Women who want to break through self-limiting beliefs to take their life and/or business to the next level
  • Women who are sick of emotional turmoil and ready for a calm and fulfilling life

If you’re ready to release you emotional burden instantly without having to endlessly discuss your problems and traumas, then you need Creatrix®.

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