When your passion and your purpose come together and you are launching yourself into the world with your gifts and loves, it seems like the world is calling back “Yes!”. Connections start happening, you already start getting some positive results, you know in your heart of hearts that you are on the right path.

Then it happens…

…some kind of kick in the guts, it might not even be work related. Personal crisis, negative feedback, or maybe just an obstacle to negotiate. This in itself might not be insurmountable but inevitably, just as you’re picking yourself up and dusting yourself off, the next blow falls. As each little setback hits, you’re positivity and self assurance starts to wane. You’re doing all the right reframings, meditations, mirror work, affirmations; you are a picture of centeredness. But there it is, that little pebble that as you continue to walk your walk feels like it grows in size. It is making you lame.

Time for an intervention. Bottom line is you can’t continue the way you are. Does that mean you give up or change course? Maybe, maybe not. This is certainly not the time to be making snap judgements, it is a time to get your head straight. So what do you do?

1. Talk UP

You need to talk to someone about where you’re at and where you’re going. You need to recharge your passion and purpose. This person can’t just be anyone though. They need to be one or more of the following:

  • Someone who has been where you want to go.
  • Someone with expertise in an area that is a gap in your process.
  • Someone who grasps your vision and values your purpose.
  • Someone who believes in what you are doing and is committed to supporting you.

There is little point discussing your situation with people at the same level as you or behind you on the path. “I tried that, it didn’t work” isn’t helpful if you know others have tried it and it did. You’re talking to the wrong person.

2. Time out

You need to get some perspective on your situation and some emotional distance between you and your circumstances. This could take a day or a week. This is really hard if you feel you’re on the clock and working to deadlines but you are better to succeed a day late than fail on time.

Take the time to turn off your brain and get super centered. Peripheral wave, meditation, any of the techniques I teach for maintenance after having Creatrix® are all ideal for giving yourself the necessary breathing room. It’s important though that after applying these techniques that you don’t just throw yourself back into the turmoil. It needs to give you space to create more space. Space enables you to view your circumstances from a distance, more detached, more objectively, with less emotion.

3. Plan your Return

So you’ve tuned into a mentor and gained some perspective. You’re recharged and ready to get back into the swing of things. Honestly though this is only going to keep happening. Leonie Dawson refers to it as your rescue kit when the suckies strike. What ever you call it, it’s worthwhile planning for it. What supports can you put in place. Training or outsourcing for areas that bum you out. Mastermind or network with like minded people who get what you’re doing. Short term or long term planning that maps out a few milestones, processes, strategies or checklists. With a small amount of prior planning and some strategies to implement if and when self doubt creeps in, you’ll be able to shake it off quickly and easily.

When self doubt creeps in, take immediate action, don’t let that stuff fester and grow, instead take action to shake it off as quickly as you can. Get centered, reach out to those who will lift you up, and implement your rescue kit pronto, better yet Creatrix® that doubt right on out of there.


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